The Dutch know what time it is...9/10 Review from AppFish

Leave Now seems to hit a nerve with the Dutch - we continue to get a lot of downloads from Holland.  We are excited to get a nice review from AppFish.  The review is in Dutch, but we've attempted to translate to English below:

Who [has] many appointments outside the door will undoubtedly recognize the problem that travel time is difficult to schedule in your calendar. What time do you leave? Is there a delay in transit? Questions you now can easily be answered by Leave Now.
Leave Now is an app that works closely with your calendar and automatically calculates how much time you have to devote your appointments. The app can do so both for different modes of travel, including car and public transport. Very handy to Leave Now that the app will automatically alert you when it is time to leave for your appointment. If you travel by car and there is traffic jam, the journey here on adjusted.
Very handy to Leave Now that the app works fully independently. The only thing you should do is the locations in calendar appointments mention. This will use the app you virtually no extra time. A disadvantage is that the computation time for public transport rather unclear and thus basically useless. Who much traveling by car, will be very much to have this handy assistant.
in short
Leave Now is a handy app that automatically notifies you when you have to leave for an appointment. The app works almost self-standing, so no extra effort is required for use. Mainly for people traveling by car, this app very useful.