Leave Now: Smart Calendar + Digital Assistant

Which type of person are you?

  • Always on time.
  • “Optimistic” about how much time you have...maybe too optimistic.
  • Have someone close to you that is your time opposite (and makes you a little crazy...)

The one thing you agree on...your time is important. You manage busy schedules, learn new skills, and accomplish big goals. Unfortunately, managing time is stressful, distracting and steals your attention. And your calendar...well it isn’t really up to the task.

For context: your smartphone has more power than all of NASA had when they put a man on the moon in 1969...


but your calendar hasn’t changed much since then either.

NASA Lead Engineer calendar

NASA Lead Engineer calendar

Calendars are full of dead data, so they are hassle to change and coordinate -- even between your own two (or three) calendars. 

Until now.  We’re excited to announce that Leave Now is available for download on the iTunes store.   It is a smart calendar + digital assistant that solves a fundamental problem: making sure you get to your next meeting on time.

Download it today, connect your calendars, and get notified when you need to leave for your next meeting.  It adjusts in real time for your location (including traffic), and works for cars, bikes, public transit, and walking. 

We know how bad it feels to arrive late to an angry client or grumpy spouse, but now you don't have to text and drive if you're running late.  We have three buttons:  On Time, Running Late, and I’m Here. Tap to text or email meeting attendees with a pre-filled message, including your ETA.  Stay safe, stay connected.

We interviewed over 300 time experts: executive and personal assistants, PR pros, film producers, sales pros, multitasking moms and music tour managers to witness their frustrations and learn their patterns.  We designed Leave Now inspired by the best of these "calendar hackers", so that all of us busy people can get the benefit.

Leave Now is just the start.  Time is "the" most valuable resource, and we're developing products tailored for you to get the most out of your time. 

If you have suggestions, feedback or want to test upcoming features, drop us a note or leave a comment.  There's a lot of knowledge we can learn from and share, so come join and send your on-time, optimist and calendar hacker friends too!