Leave Now 1.3: Personalize your Time

Our newest version 1.3 is on iTunes and here's what's new:

  • Personalize your default settings for travel mode (car, walk, bike or public transport) or for departure buffer (how many minutes warning before departure).
  • Set and save travel mode for any given event.
  • New alert messages for when there is no location (like a phone call)
  • Performance improvements for battery life and speed.
Now if you always drive to work, you can set it and forget it. If you don't want reminders for phone calls or virtual meetings, now that's under your control. And if you need 20 minutes warning in the AM because it takes more than 10 minutes to rustle up your spouse and kids (it's always their fault, eh?) you can set the buffer notice to any time you need.

These improvements are suggestions from customers all around the world.   We've heard from people in Tokyo, London & Sao Paolo just in the last week with different ways to use Leave Now to get more out of their time.

And...we've just completed work on version 1.4...native Google Maps and redesign for IPhone 5 are coming soon!

Keep the suggestions and feedback coming, spread the love and share your calendars!