Plan your day with new Leave Now Calendar Feed

Reviewing your calendar, adding event locations, and selecting transit modes is now a cinch! We redesigned the calendar feed in our latest release of Leave Now.

Device Calendar 5.1 Screen.png

Missing a location? Scroll, tap, and type a few letters. Our location auto-complete feature fills in the name and address, and you're done! Routes and departure times are automatically updated for you, and you can move on.

Drive to work, but walk to the gym?  Update travel modes from the calendar list, and watch your departure time change for that event in the context of your schedule for the day. It's so handy that when we park at a meter, we set our Leave Now alert to Walk to avoid getting tickets.

Receiving duplicate alerts?  This was an odd one…we heard from commuters that if you drove or rode just ahead of the Leave Now departure time, we would keep sending you repeat alerts. 

Well, THAT's annoying…so we fixed it. 


Enjoy Leave Now and keep the suggestions coming!