Leave Now has Maps: Google, Apple and Waze

Happy New Year! We had a busy holiday so we could start 2013 with great announcements. First, Leave Now was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine's “4 Apps to Keep You On Task and On Time”. Second, Leave Now is one of the first apps to integrate Google Maps and Waze alongside Apple Maps, so now you have three options to choose from. Finally, if you are starting the year with a shiny new IPhone 5, our updated layout looks kinda nice on that big screen.

No matter what your 2013 resolutions are, you still have to show up on time. Download Leave Now, invite your friends and colleagues, and tell us how to make it better via our in-app suggestion box. It makes a difference -- in the last two weeks alone, we included features based on suggestions from Tokyo, Riyadh, Amsterdam, Sao Paolo and NYC. Finally, if you use Android, put your name on our Android request list. We want to make a great app for you too.

We’re just getting started, so here’s to a fantastic 2013!