Parti Adesso! Leave Now for Italia!

From Ilmacminimista, looks like if you need to be on time in Lucca, Parti Adesso with Leave Now.   (Translated below)

One of the areas where Apple is weaker is artificial intelligence, Google Now is the perfect example. Google's software informs you of relevant events, email, or appointments, without you having to do much....It turns out that there is also a free app for iOS that makes it: Leave Now.


Leave Now monitors events in the calendar and you can find some with the field "position" changed recognizes the place and trying to figure out when you'll get there in time to leave for the event. Nothing extraordinary, it is simply a calculation of driving time (already do all the online maps), but what makes it worthwhile is the combination of automatic recognition of the place driving time calculation + + notification a few minutes before the (expected) departure. [italics mine]

In addition: no need to indicate an address...(I do because I enjoy it),  [it] supports travel by train or on foot, you can customize the notifications and arrival times.