Name Your Place, Stay On Time. Leave Now Location Update.

The new update from Leave Now features 2 big changes: Cleaner UI, Faster Location.   

Cleaner UI

New Home Page

Old Home Page

We added a bell icon so if you don't want to an alert, you can cancel it with one touch.

Faster Location (or Name. Place. Time. Done.)

If you are busy, all you need is the the who, what, where, when.  The problem?  Can you remember that address and route in your head? 

Leave Now does it for you.  Name the place (e.g. "Piccino"), your time, and you're done.  We find the place, add the address, find the route and link to the map.  Now you'll get your alert when its time to leave without typing the address.  If it's a common name (e.g. Peet's), we'll find the one close to you.

It works even if you enter the Placename in the Location field on your desktop calendar. Try it!

Tell your friends -- "Name your place.  And don't be late :-)"