Truss Reading List: Efficiency

Truss is passionate about a lot of things – quick iteration speeds, serious hustle, and good coffee, to name a few. We’re also passionate about efficiency. Our Friday practitioners’ meetings usually include a few stories about the effects of work on our clients. This week, one of our engineers mentioned that by using automation and continuous integration, we've brought one client's deployment requirements down from over 120 engineer hours to 0. We also bring to the table experience with tools that help clients understand how teams are spending their time. This makes for an easier development process, and also helps us figure out where to suggest behavioral changes to address some of the inevitable pain points of software engineering, both internally and externally.

What else helps? Ongoing research. We love this stuff, so it’s what we read about in our development time too. Here are some posts we’ve enjoyed, written by people focusing on increasing efficiency in different environments.