Truss Reading List: Effective Management

Effective management is crucial to spearheading markets, creating innovative technologies, and remaining resilient in the face of constantly changing economic and technological contexts. The costs of poor management are high--revenue loss, wasted time and resources, poor public perception, declining employee morale, the list goes on. Strong leadership and management is a factor in the success of our engineers, managers, and overall growth. For these reasons, our reading list this week examines various viewpoints on what effective management looks like.

In the first article, published in Forbes,  Mona Patel advocates for a User Experience designed approach to managing people. She suggests an approach whereby managers aim to understand and empathize with their employees' needs to design solutions that enable them to perform better.

From TechCrunch, engineering manager Jon Evans sheds light on his successes and failures managing teams of software developers. He offers some quoteworthy advice: “Unsung and unpraised as they may be, those decisions [one makes as a manager] ...will ultimately determine whether the thing you built is good or bad. And if that doesn’t matter to you, you’re probably not just a bad manager, you’re in the wrong field full stop.”

Lastly, from Harvard Business Review Marcus Buckingham, a researcher with decades of experience working for Gallup, analyzed the patterns of behaviors of some of the most prolific people managers across various industries to determine what is at the core of their best practices. The results of that research inspired this article.