Meet cofounder Everett Harper as he talks about the infrastructure of complex systems.

Learn how a Manhattan housewife in the 1950s, a failed software launch and university president inspired a way of thinking, leading and learning in a complex world from TrussWorks CEO Everett Harper

Presented at Dent the Future.


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          Need to scale fast, but...            

You notice your deployment and release cycles are slowing, but you need your engineers focused on growth. You have big new clients with demanding SLAs, and you’re not 100% confident your team is ready to deliver. Truss will help you assess your infrastructure, and work side-by-side with your team to accelerate your engineering cycles and make every release predictable and reliable.


Want to modernize Government IT, but…

You want to go agile, but you’re living in a waterfall world. Your systems range from legacy mainframes to new cloud services, so you’re not 100% confident that a new release won’t break something else. You’re looking to deliver services to the citizens that they need and deserve. Truss has experience working in high compliance, high security, high-stakes environments, and we offer modern tools and knowledge while helping you bridge the gap from old to new.