What did we Learn that applies to your projects?

Start with customer experience -- and remember the "internal" customers like your own staff. We are riveted on identifying customer habits, expectations and desires with our Customer Development techniques. Then we go build infrastructure, processes, training and tools designed to deliver the highest level of service your customers expect.

Second, we build processes that are sustainable as our software. Engineering leaders make investments in change that go beyond the code. We make sure those changes are transparent, documented, and embedded in daily practice. Yes, we are process nerds, and it pays off for our clients.

Watch to learn the secrets of the healthcare adhoc team from Tetherpad founder Mark Ferlatte,  and how they tackle big problems and short deadlines. Via Lean Startup Conference.

So you want to know about our Past Performance?

After Healthcare.gov, we helped build the Healthcare.gov 2.0 Marketplace Lite, which made it easier for people to access, choose, and select a healthcare plan that fit their needs. As a result of our approach to infrastructure development, Healthcare.gov exceeded its enrollment targets and now 11.4M people have healthcare.

You want Agile thinkers, Silicon Valley Speed, and engineers that get it done?

Then ping us below! We know it's a process, but we've worked with long contracts, big bids and short intense emergencies. We will definitely be worth your valuable time. Example: here's our corporate capabilities statement -- Task done. We look forward to hearing from you