"We turned to the team at Truss to help us implement a foundation of best practices so that we could keep growing without accruing the technical debt so common in these early stages — when it’s so tempting to trade good fundamentals for accelerated growth. Truss took our vision and prototype and worked with us on the design and implementation of the modern ML stack described [in the article linked] below."

   - Adam Fletcher, CEO, Gyroscope Software

"Truss engineers gave us immediate capacity boost on our teams and worked on everything from helping design and build core cloud infrastructure-as-code to aiding with architecture and design of new product deliverables. We have been very impressed with their level of skill and collaboration with our senior engineers as well as their ability to mentor our junior engineers when paired together on specific projects. Truss is a rare breed of contractor that can boost your team today, and help you build your team’s capacity for tomorrow simultaneously."

   - Clint Talbert, VP of Engineering, Nuna, Inc.