Our First Team Offsite

With over 60 people, spread across four U.S. time zones, and two brand new practice areas, it finally felt like the appropriate time to get the crew together for our first ever full-team offsite.

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Kaleigh Simmons
An Insider Look at Truss’s Hiring Process

At Truss, we’ve spent a lot of time refining our interview process so that it’s clear, comprehensive, and as unbiased as possible. Here’s a peek into what we look for in new teammates and the steps that candidates can expect to go through after submitting an application.

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Jane Guthrie
Why We Made Salary Transparent

On December 28, 2016, Truss made compensation transparent to all employees. We created a spreadsheet with everyone's names, levels, and salaries, and shared it with everyone at the company. Here’s why we did it.

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Jen Leech
Slack, Serendipity, and the #rage_cage

Over time, our sense of how to best use Slack has evolved. Some of our innovations have proven much less useful than others; some took on a life of their own. This is the story of how we discovered that a default Slack setup should come with one additional channel that proved more vital than we imagined when it was created.

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Nick Twyman