Lets start with an analogy

As a driver, cyclist, or pedestrian, you have an experience of awe-inspiring design, history and elegance. Sometimes, it's the shortest way to return home in time for dinner. You don’t think about the spacing of concrete supports, when to add a new coat of paint, or scheduling repairs to the road surface…

…until you are backed up in traffic when a railing has come loose, or there is a road crew jackhammering at 7pm when you’ve had a long day. Then you scream in the car, “why are they doing this NOW!?”



Infrastructure solves complex problems

It’s more than just engineering. It’s understanding how you travel and when. It’s learning when boats pass under the bridge. It’s training road crews to make repairs efficiently and keeping them safe doing a hazardous job. Most importantly, it’s making sure that you never notice. 

When you’re building products for your customers, you want them to love you and pay you for an amazing experience.  You want infrastructure to fade behind the experience… and you definitely don’t want to hear jackhammers and see wet paint.




Infrastructure for Growth

Do you want your new engineers to produce faster? Do you want to ship faster, reliably and regularly? Or course you do.

But do you struggle with allocating engineering time away from acquiring customers and growing your revenues? Do you dread that call when you can't ship new features without a major development environment upgrade?

Truss helps you by auditing and building best practice development workflows. We diagnose challenges you haven't anticipated so you don't have to. Sexy work it ain’t -- except if you’re process nerds like us -- but we both know how great it feels when you are confident your systems can support that huge spike of new customers.



We think systems, not silos.

That's what makes us different. We think about your business as a value creation engine for you and your customers, not UX vs. IT vs. engineering vs. customer support vs. sales vs. marketing. As a result, we help you develop an infrastructure that delivers value across all of your customers — internal and external.

We audit your production environment, deployment process, development environment as well as your support strategy. We apply ethnography, customer development, design and DevOps thinking to quickly identify people, process, technology and experience required. So we help you think about people, skill gaps, training, and change management. If you have an immediate crisis — well, we made our name in a crisis, so we know we can help you.

So if you want to deliver faster, or make sure you can sleep well when you’re growing fast, email or call us.  Can’t wait to work with you.