Nic “Kayless” Wissman
Program Management

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Nic is a program manager with over 10 years of experience spanning a number of technical disciplines in both the government and commercial markets.

He was recruited into the "Tech Surge" of 2013-2014 as a collaborative yet disruptive force within the existing government contracting space. During this time, Nic was instrumental in maintaining command and control over live site incidents as dozens of contractors worked toward resolution. He has deep understanding of government contracting and a passion for advocating agile and iterative development processes in any area he touches.

Nic is an avid consumer of stories in all forms and occasionally works at writing some. He enjoys growing vegetables and cooking them, being exposed to new music, and periodically questioning his beliefs. 

Rebecca Kilberg

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Rebecca is motivated by technology’s potential to exert a positive impact on society, specifically by increasing access to actionable information and communication capabilities. Transitioning from the world of immigration policy research, her recent web development work has been a bit more macabre: projects include a data visualization app for American mortality statistics and an app to alert consumers to recent recalls of items that may put them at risk.

Rebecca graduated with honors from the University of Chicago with a BA in linguistics and a minor in Germanic studies. Outside of work, Rebecca can be found with her nose in a New Yorker or accosting a stranger to pet their dog.

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Jeremy Avnet


Jeremy's early background is in the science of complex adaptive systems (CAS) and system administration. 

He joined Truss from Sauce Labs, a cloud provider of desktop browsers and mobile devices optimized for automated testing. Over his 6 years at Sauce, Jeremy architected and built their private cloud operating software (launching tens of millions of instances a month), created, led, and managed three engineering teams, and finally acted as principal architect across the engineering org.

Jeremy is interested in the relationship between distributed systems, safety engineering, complex systems, and the software engineer as system operator. He spends a lot of time brewing asian teas and enjoys rye and scotch whiskies.


Mike Kania

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Mike comes from Parse, a mobile backend as a service, where he worked with a small team to manage one of the largest and most complex MongoDB footprints in the world. While at Parse, Mike worked on getting the first production instances of MongoDB with RocksDB as the underlying storage engine. This doubled Parse’s write capacity and dropped storage utilization by 10x.

Mike was also part of the “Tech Surge” for back when the initial rollout crumbled because there was no accountability, monitoring or communication.

Mike graduated from University of California Santa Barbara in Computer Science, and proudly represents the UCSB Gauchos roller hockey team.

Mark Ferlatte
CTO, Founder


Mark was one of the engineers that helped fix in 2013-2014 during the "tech surge". Mark is one of the pioneers of Dev Ops as he built one of the first cloud computing teams for Linden Lab in 2006 and was Amazon Web Services largest customer.  Mark's team also built the ecommerce platform for Linden Lab.

Mark graduated from UC Berkeley in Computer Science and is an avid cyclist, including raising money for the yearly AIDS ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. 

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Arianna Kellogg
Contracts Manager

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Arianna grew up along the East Coast and attended Drexel University before migrating to California in pursuit of warmer weather.

At Truss, Arianna manages most of the organization's business operations and keeps everyone paid, fed, and otherwise happy. When not wrangling payroll or otherwise defeating the beast of inefficiency, she enjoys bouldering, building furniture, and making lists. 

Arianna is currently enrolled in Hack Reactor's new remote immersive program and will graduate in September '18.


Jennifer Leech
VP of Engineering,


Jen has doubled the performance of APIs operating at rates of over 10,000 requests per second and led petabyte-scale data analysis operations, saving millions of dollars per annum. Jen has experience at nearly every level of the stack from user-facing applications down to and including silicon.

Jen earned Highest Honors in her degree of BS in Computer Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. In her free time she enjoys designing systems ranging from electronics for interactive fire art to thriving zero-water-use native gardens in the desert.



Patrick Stanger


Patrick hails from the northeast, where he lived in the tri-state area and our nation’s capital before finding tech paradise in the bay area. He has a BS degree in physics from Rutgers University, where he wrote a thesis on graphene photovoltaics. A love of tech, problem solving, and building things from the ground up eventually led Patrick to leave academic research for a career in software engineering.

As a freelance developer, before joining Truss, Patrick had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects for web, desktop, and mobile, and looks to keep that list growing. When not furiously coding, Patrick enjoys making ice cream, racing motorcycles, and reading science fiction.

Breanne Boland


Breanne grew up in the woods outside of St. Louis, studied writing in Boston, and spent nearly eleven years in Seattle before moving to the Bay Area. She has a BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College and earned a certificate in User-Centered Design from the University of Washington in 2014 so she could use user research to hone her editorial instincts.

Before moving into software development, she oversaw international hotel content creation for a major online travel agency for several years, brought an enhanced product content company into the social media age, and delved deep into content strategy and UX. She now hails from Oakland, but gets out of the country whenever she can. Her zine on creativity has also traveled around the world, going as far as Norway and Tasmania.


MacRae Linton  


MacRae moved to the bay area from the south after college. He quickly fell in love with the people, the food, and the mountains; though he still misses the East coast incarnation of all three. Backpacking is an easy way to combine them but he sure doesn’t go as much as he’d like. He’d love to go for a run with you.

Before Truss, MacRae worked at Apple for 7 years mostly building automation technology for testing on OS X. His last year there was spent making Interface Builder handle designing for large screens gracefully. He’s also pretty sure that before long we’ll look back on today’s software tools like they came from the stone age.

In his spare time, he likes making art with computers.


Everett Harper
CEO, Founder


At Women 2.0 Founder Labs in 2011, Everett pitched an idea to make calendars more useful for executive assistants. That app, called Tetherpad, was the original DNA of Truss. With cofounders Mark & Jen, they grew the company with the same intent -- how to make technology responsive to our time, attention and energy. Everett's expertise is in customer development, a technique that combines customer behavior with ethnography to inform product and business development.

Everett was head of Customer Acquisition and Community for Linden Lab. He is a Webby Award Honoree as the product lead for Bottlenotes Mobile, a social wine app. He has an MBA and M.Ed in design & technology from Stanford, and BSEE in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering from Duke.  He was a full-tuition AB Duke Scholar and won the NCAA National Championship in soccer, the first in any sport for Duke. He can be found making up sous-vide recipes with his favorite sous chef, his daughter.



Nick Twyman

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Nick grew up in the UK where he took a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. Wondering what to do with this, he was delighted to find out that people would pay him to program their computers. In the UK, and on first moving to the US, he worked on application and OS development for early mobile devices, including a brief stint at Palm.

In 1999, like a lot of other people, he discovered the internet and has spent the time since working on a range of online systems from early stage companies to apps distributed over thousands of servers. Along the way he has developed a deep interest in why teams of smart people often have a hard time making smart decisions.

At home, he has recently renewed his acquaintance with embedded systems and electronics: current projects include a digital control system for an otherwise all analog tube amp and a modular synth based on the 1970's designs of the great Serge Tcherepnin. 


Jamie Kennedy
BizOps Manager

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Jamie Kennedy is a jack of all trades hailing from the thick woods of upstate New York.

After graduating high school, Jamie worked as the Event Coordinator of one of the country's oldest tabletop game retailers, and as co-owner of a boutique high-end Yo-Yo company.  In his free time Jamie loves to compete in all things nerdy from card game and video game tournaments to international yo-yo competitions. Otherwise, he spends his free time creating interactive industrial art and playing Disc Golf.

Andrea Mitchell

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Andrea is inspired by systems that empower people to leverage their potential through user-centric, clarity-driven, collaboration-based design. She practices an interdisciplinary approach, by viewing software development through the lens of pyschological and linguistic methodology. This would seem to make sense, as she graduated with high honors from UC Berkeley with a degree in Psychology, before going on to teach English as a second language in Spain for over 6 years.

Before joining Truss, Andrea was at Nonchalance, a hybrid arts consultancy specializing in situational design. There, she had the opportunity of developing software to support a local community of creators, engaged in interactive experiential design and cultural curation.

In her free time, Andrea enjoys playing her acoustic guitar, writing and recording songs, and traveling.

Willow Headshot.jpg

Willow Brugh
Project Manager


Willow Brugh has worked with digital tools to enable coordination between response agencies and emergent response groups in areas affected by fast and slow crises. This often means ad hoc project management with hundreds of volunteers across multiple timezones and cultures.

bl00 looks at connections, systems, empowerment, and powerlessness and strives to both understand and improve whatever is found. Sometimes that’s with the Occupy Movement, sometimes it’s with the National Defense University. Willow successfully worked with the FEMA Field Innovation Team for Hurricane Sandy, and was awarded at a ceremony at the White House for the contribution.

Outside of work, Willow climbs on rocks, punches bags, thinks about digital estate planning, and rides two wheeled objects. Currently a Bianchi Axis and a ’15 Striple RX (both in blue and black) warm the cogs in bl00’s robot heart.


Alexi Kostibas

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Alexi joined Truss after spending several years as an independent contractor, and then in the startup scene. His most recent company launched "Habit Monster," a social fitness game, on just $1M of investment capital. Shortly after, Nintendo was kind enough to show how it's done with the release of Pokémon Go. Live and learn!

Prior to that, Alexi has spent time in a variety of roles, spanning from systems, network, and release engineering, to engineering lead and account management. These experiences have led him to place a high value on organizational integrity, which at Truss is manifesting in leading a compensation transparency program.

Outside the office Alexi likes to whittle away the Bay Area's cycling challenges, tinker with robotics projects, and log countless hours in Kerbal Space Program.