Carmen Bocanegra


Research and Design

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Since she first learned to talk, Carmen has asked a lot of questions. This led to a love of experimentation and a science degree, but she ended up at an advertising agency because why not? 

Over the past decade, Carmen has led stakeholders and clients through the process of framing, research, strategy, and design at startups, consultancies, and in-house teams. She took a brief stint to study design and how to apply her design and research skills to physical spaces by earning a certification in interior design. She’s intensely curious about how organizational design and technology can affect workflows. She’s also deeply passionate about ensuring that our language, code, and practices are inclusive and accessible to all. 

Currently in Portland, OR, Carmen loves to spend time AFK in the mountains, sampling PNW culinary delights, and getting lost on country roads with her spouse and her dog beside her.