Helen Pastras


Product Management

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Helen is a Product Manager by way of client services and software implementations, with a background in SaaS and Enterprise applications, ranging from hospitality software to online retail. With a passion for technology, and a drive to create user-focused, efficient and effective solutions, she learnt to code while attending UCLA, in order to better communicate with developers and help drive successful product development. She is an avid problem solver with the ability to not only think outside the box but also utilize any and all existing knowledge and solution to improve the end result.

She is originally from Athens, Greece and currently resides in the Research Triangle area in NC, where she visits a different lake, river or creek every week to balance living in the very urban NYC and LA for several years.

When not working or exploring the outdoors, she makes Bean-2-Bar chocolates with the husband, cooks, reads fiction or history books and volunteers with local programs.