Jacqueline McKinney




Jacqueline’s career spans a variety of DoD engineering companies. Each one offering new software engineering challenges while working with and learning from impressive engineers along the way. She was really able to cut her teeth fully learning the Software Engineering Development Life Cycle, and working on complex platforms such as the Zumwalt Destroyer and FAA STARS programs at Raytheon Company where she worked for nearly 9 years in the greater Boston, MA area. While at Raytheon, she also grew an appreciation for systems engineering/integration, software design, and process (eek!). Jacqueline had 14 years of software engineering experience before joining TrussWorks.

Jacqueline finished her B.S. in Computer Science from Tuskegee University and her M.S in Systems Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). She is from Montgomery, AL where she currently resides.

Jacqueline has interests in community tech and can be found hanging in downtown Montgomery looking for ways to improve her city with tech. This includes working with local youth programs or facilitating a hands on workshop.

Jacqueline loves pulling back the curtains from complex software to see what really makes things work, which coincidentally transfers over well into life.