James Callan


Research and Design


James has been a content strategist for a decade, and a writer far longer than that. He focuses on using language to design and build better experiences, because it’s an elemental piece of UX. He’ll share his opinion about the Oxford comma if you ask, but he’s more interested in hearing what you think about it and why.

He was the first content strategist and UXer at Sur La Table, as part of their ecommerce team. He can tell you all about how people talk about spatulas, but his most satisfying single project was helping redesign the way people could buy gift cards online.

After that, James worked on projects for Travel Oregon and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife while at Substance. After that and before Truss, he freelanced for a variety of clients.

James grew up in Wisconsin and headed for the Pacific Northwest after college because he prefers the gray and rain. Outside the office, James is a movie buff, enjoys TV and books, and writes and plays a lot of trivia games. He’s a fan of iced tea and hard cider.