Nick Twyman


Engineering Practice Lead

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Nick grew up in the UK where he took a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. Wondering what to do with this, he was delighted to find out that people would pay him to program their computers. In the UK, and on first moving to the US, he worked on application and OS development for early mobile devices, including a brief stint at Palm.

In 1999, like a lot of other people, he discovered the internet and has spent the time since working on a range of online systems from early stage companies to apps distributed over thousands of servers. Along the way he has developed a deep interest in why teams of smart people often have a hard time making smart decisions.

At home, he has recently renewed his acquaintance with embedded systems and electronics: current projects include a digital control system for an otherwise all analog tube amp and a modular synth based on the 1970's designs of the great Serge Tcherepnin.

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