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Rupinder aka “RD” is a passionate engineer with a love for technology and problem-solving. That passion has been pivotal in bringing him from Chandigarh, a city in north India where he got his undergrad in computer science, to now the Peachiest state, Georgia.

In the last decade, Rupinder has professionally worked both in the public and private sector including a few stints at startups. He has lead endeavors at the University of Georgia, worked directly with largest telecommunication providers in the US, and most recently lead a team at an eSports startup. Rupinder has experienced every aspect of software development lifecycle and is passionate about leveraging his experience and expertise to continue to create human-centric software. Rupinder believes that through a combination of compassion for users, TDD, Agile, and human-centric design, we can create an ideal experience for users and sculpt every project into a success.

In his free time, Rupinder can be found spending quality time with his family, reading a book or staring intently at the never-ending raspberry pi project pile. Fun fact, Rupinder is an ordained minister.

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