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Sara got involved in the tech world when she was 15 as a Quality Assurance Analyst. She spent 2 years in high school testing insurance rating software (yawn) before moving to San Francisco to major in Sociology at the University of San Francisco.

After a few years dabbling in other industries, Sara realized that software development was her true calling. She quit her job, went through a web development bootcamp, and was soon working as a junior engineer. Fast forward a few years, and Sara still loves working as a software engineer. Her current passion is learning all things related to React, and she is a strong proponent of agile methodologies and test-driven development.

When not writing code, Sara enjoys cooking and tries to spend as much time sewing as she does ripping out stitches. She also has an unreasonable love for period British dramas and has seen every film incarnation of Sense and Sensibility.

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