Willow Idlewild




Willow Brugh has worked with digital tools to enable coordination between response agencies and emergent response groups in areas affected by fast and slow crises. This often means ad hoc project management with hundreds of volunteers across multiple timezones and cultures.

bl00 looks at connections, systems, empowerment, and powerlessness and strives to both understand and improve whatever is found. Sometimes that’s with the Occupy Movement, sometimes it’s with the National Defense University. Willow successfully worked with the FEMA Field Innovation Team for Hurricane Sandy, and was awarded at a ceremony at the White House for the contribution.

Outside of work, Willow climbs on rocks, punches bags, thinks about digital estate planning, and rides two wheeled objects. Currently a Bianchi Axis and a ’15 Striple RX (both in blue and black) warm the cogs in bl00’s robot heart.

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