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"Truss engineers gave us immediate capacity boost on our teams and worked on everything from helping design and build core cloud infrastructure-as-code to aiding with architecture and design of new product deliverables. We have been very impressed with their level of skill and collaboration with our senior engineers as well as their ability to mentor our junior engineers when paired together on specific projects. Truss is a rare breed of contractor that can boost your team today, and help you build your team’s capacity for tomorrow simultaneously."

-- Clint Talbert, VP of Engineering at Nuna, Inc.

"[Truss engineers] were an absolute pleasure to work with on our Quality Payments Program team! They were professional, dedicated, adaptable and very capable. For the glorious duration of their stint with us, they felt almost indistinguishable from our full-time employees. 100 stars!"

-- Gabe Smedresman, Head of Infrastructure and Founder, Nava PBC

"Truss taught me what running a mature engineering team looks like. The example that they set as well as the mentorship that they provide helped me learn how to manage a team, how to manage a project, and how to make sure that infrastructure gets the attention it deserves.

Truss is great at getting features out the door, but where they really excel is making sure that, a few months down the line, you won't run into a maintenance headache. They always think about reducing technical debt, increasing automation, and making everything predictable and reproducible."

-- Sam King, Senior Software Engineer at Nuna, Inc.